Real Gym Registry

If you are both a gym and road warrior, you know the disappointing feeling of checking into a hotel and checking out what their on-site fitness center looks like. 99% of the time, it is a small, sad room with little equipment. Finding a serious training facility is not always easy since hardcore or old-school gyms are niche businesses typically independently owned that do not have large on-line visibility in on-line directories. Working out in a “fitness center” is tiring when having to avoiding the Snapchat crowd live-feeding their quarter rep squats and the oxygen deprivation-wearing “Bane” wannabes.

So, here is a map of gym rat-approved gyms I have found while traveling or sent to me by fellow powerlifters and bodybuilders. Running a gym is a tough business, especially an old school one. Let us support these independent owners where we can. If you see a gym missing that meets the criteria of being friendly to serious lifters, please message me (Instagram: @thejackedtraveler, Twitter: @jackedtraveler) or leave a comment below.

3 comments for “Real Gym Registry

  1. Chip
    1 February 2017 at 22:03

    If you see a gym missing, contact me or post a comment.

  2. Chip
    2 February 2017 at 16:13

    Feb 2 2017 additions: World Gym (San Diego), Star Fitness (NYC), Richie’s Gym (NYC), Coliseum Gym (NYC). Up to 137 gyms. Keep them coming.

  3. chip
    6 February 2017 at 01:03

    Feb 5 2017 additions in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina take the number up to 140 gyms.