Day: February 3, 2017

So, You Want To Compete In Your First Show?

Whatever the choice of activity to get fit is, whether running, biking, lifting, swimming, etc., a small population will be taken enough with their chosen sport to want to take the challenge on of competing.  For runners, some will get the bug to prepare for and run a marathon.  For the gym rats who love lifting heavy, some will get the bug to enter a powerlifting meet.  Other gym rats will gravitate to physique competitions.  Since I get asked about the latter pretty regularly, let me share some lessons learned and advice.

Trips That Do Not Disappoint: Iceland

Of all the travel I have done so far, the one trip I have been asked about the most is my recent journey to Iceland.   As I get a lot of questions about traveling there, here is some advice and recommendations on a trip to Iceland based on that experience.