Road To Compete: 2017

I last competed in bodybuilding in October last year.  Last year was the first time moving up to the open light heavyweight class.  After that, I took a little time off to do a lot of traveling the last two months of the year and to enjoy the holidays.  With the new year, it is time to get going again full force in the gym to make improvements.  Plans often evolve as work and life intervene or progress is moving faster or slower.  My thought for 2017 is to compete towards the end of the year (perhaps the 2017 NPC Texas State in November) in order to have a longer off-season to try to put on some additional mass.  Moving up in class inevitably means being on the lower end of the weight boundary for the class.   Additional weight would help get me closer to the middle of the weight range in the class.  So, this blog positing will be updated periodically to see how the road to compete is progressing.


05 February Update: I officially kicked off the off-season on 05 January.  My weight at the time was 190 lbs.  My goal is to try to add some additional size, but try to keep the inevitable fat gain under control.  To build size, you need to be in a calorie surplus.   Particularly being in my 40s now, it is easy to gain unwanted fat if I get to aggressive on the surplus.  Being in my 40s, I also know getting rid of the fat during a prep for a show is a lot harder at this age.  So far, so good.  4 weeks into the off-season, my weight has slowly moved up to 198 (+8 lbs) and I am staying in good condition.

Workouts have been 6 days a week and doing a little cardio for 20 minutes three times a weekly, plus playing weekend hockey games.  Diet is pretty much like my prep diets, just with a lot more rice and sweet potatoes — trying to keep it “clean” to avoid looking fluffy.  On a  heavy leg day, I treat myself to a post-workout cheat meal.

10 February Update: Slow and steady progress on trying to add size while limiting surplus fat gain.  Weight has ticked up a little.  Five weeks into the 2017 program, I am now up 9 lbs and still able to see some definition.  Goal will be to continue to try to grow while maintaining decent conditioning.

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