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Quiz: How To Tell If You Will Hit Your Contest Goals

I’ve been getting asked a few questions about prepping for competition. Here is a quick quiz you can use to figure out if you will hit your contest goals:

2017 NPC Johnnie Jackson Classic

Picture round up from competing at the 2017 NPC Johnnie Jackson Classic in Fort Worth this past weekend…

Overall, I was really happy with the results.  I ended up finishing 2nd in the open lightweight class.  This was, by far, the toughest prep for a show I’ve done, but the hard work paid off.  My goal each time is to try to come in better than the previous year, and I did that.  I was 184 lbs, 2 lbs heavier than last year, but kept the same conditioning.  So, this was my heaviest weight to date.  I wanted to be competitive with the others…and I was, as it was a close call on 1st place.  I don’t feel bad finishing 2nd to Alex, fellow Destination member and hard worker.

Why Are You Doing This?

2016 NPC John Sherman Muscle Beach Classic

I am about 6 weeks from competing this year. Lately, I get asked a lot about preparing for a show.  There isn’t much middle ground here: people either think getting in that kind of shape is cool/bad-ass or wonder what the f%ck you are thinking getting up there in a speedo and tanned up like an Oompa Loompa?  Truth is, it is a little bit of both.

Why I do it?

  • It is really, really hard.  It is not easy having the discipline to get up for early morning cardio at 4:30AM while most people are sleeping, stick will a strict diet when peanut butter and Dairy Queen Blizzards are calling for you, etc.  It is even harder on days when you don’t feel like doing it, but you still do it.
  • Because it is hard, few will ever do it.  A lot of people try; most give up along the way.  Those 300-600 competitors that show up the day of the competition represent another 300-600 others not there that started prepping for that show and quit or weren’t ready because they lacked the discipline to follow the plan to be ready.
  • Putting your heart into something gratifying is, well, gratifying.
  • We live in an instant-gratification, look-at-me-selfie world; you learn a lot about delayed gratification and the reward of doing something that takes a long time and sustained effort.  Really, most things in life worth something (education, relationships, nice job, etc.) require time and sustained effort.
  • Prove the doubters wrong.

When Not To Compete

There are always a lot of articles giving advice on how to get ready to compete for physique competition.  Competing is a difficult challenge that I like since it is something most people do not make it through, and because it really pushes this introvert outside his comfort zone to get up on stage.   I firmly believe in trying to accomplish difficult tasks because you really learn about yourself in the process.  I get asked often about advice on doing a show for the first time.  I generally love being able to help people achieve their goal, but there are some times when you have to advise people that they might not be ready for that first show.  These are the common red flags you are not ready to do this:

Good Vs Bad Coaches

In previous articles about contest prep, I have stressed why there is a need to get a really good prep coach.  Delving into that a little more, here are some guidelines to separate good vs bad coaches when considering which prep coach to use.

Contest Prep Hacks

In a blog entry I posted last week, I wrote about some of the high level things to consider (mindset, why you need a prep coach, etc.) if you are thinking about doing your first competition.  If you read that and are ready to take that step, this blog entry focuses on more practical tips to the road to a successful competition.

What Is The Best Cycle?

About a week ago, I was eating breakfast and going through my messages when I came across the following message sent to me:

“Heya, I have a question as u r a professional.  I recently moved to <location redacted> & I got:

2x Deca 300mg

2x Propionate 100mg

2x Enanthate 250mg

What’s the best way to cycle them?”

I was a little flattered that after almost a decade trying to unskinny myself, someone came across me and thought I had built a physique worthy enough to be assumed to be an expert in this.  Mostly, I was thinking what an idiot someone must be to acquire powerful prescription drugs – of any sort – and is asking some random person on the Internet how to use them.  I debated about writing about it, but chances are that there are other people that do this.  So, the advice I gave him is below.

Road To Compete: 2017

I last competed in bodybuilding in October last year.  Last year was the first time moving up to the open light heavyweight class.  After that, I took a little time off to do a lot of traveling the last two months of the year and to enjoy the holidays.  With the new year, it is time to get going again full force in the gym to make improvements.  Plans often evolve as work and life intervene or progress is moving faster or slower.  My thought for 2017 is to compete towards the end of the year (perhaps the 2017 NPC Texas State in November) in order to have a longer off-season to try to put on some additional mass.  Moving up in class inevitably means being on the lower end of the weight boundary for the class.   Additional weight would help get me closer to the middle of the weight range in the class.  So, this blog positing will be updated periodically to see how the road to compete is progressing.